May 2007

Vol. 90, No. 5

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Major Commands

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Air Force World

The Raptor Steps Out The F-22 Raptor, USAF’s front-line air superiority fighter, chalked up numerous successes at its first Red Flag exercises, held Feb. 3-16 at Nellis AFB, Nev. According to the Air Force, the F-22 forces made quick work...


Solutions From Deep Space “Climate change is the No. 1 problem facing the world today. I’m not discouraging anyone from being green conscious, but I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning...

FDR Shatters the Illusion

“The Quarantine Speech” President Franklin D. Roosevelt address at the dedication of the Outer Link Bridge Chicago Oct. 5, 1937 FULL TEXT VERSION By the 1930s, many Americans had come to believe that the US should have kept out of...


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The Lavelle Affair Your article in the February 2007 issue [“Lavelle, Nixon, and the White House Tapes,” p. 82] is not fair to former Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. John D. Ryan or to our commander in Vietnam, Gen....