July 2007

Vol. 90, No. 7

The Drone War

USAF is locked in a battle with the other services over the management and operation of unmanned vehic

Aerospace World

Roadside Bomb Kills Airman Air Force SSgt. John T. Self, a member of the 314th Security Forces Squadron at Little Rock AFB, Ark., was killed on May 14 as he patrolled near Baghdad. Self died from the blast of an...


With Plenty of Mustard “The B-1 is a great piece of equipment. It carries the largest conventional weapons load of any of my bombers. It has the capability of being a ‘Burger King’ jet. You can have it your way...


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More on Long-Range Strike The Air Force seems hopelessly confused about the purpose of its new bomber. Secretary Wynne argues that this should be a system that can be both unmanned and manned for nuclear missions and those requiring man-in-the-loop...