October 2007

Vol. 90, No. 10

Desert Airlift

Up against the elements and old airplanes, air and ground crews somehow manage to hold it all together

The Hooligan Trade

The North Dakota Air National Guard wing has moved on to new aircraft, but it won’t soon forget its F-16s.

Aerospace World

Airman Dies in Basic Training A 19-year-old boot camp trainee at Lackland AFB, Tex., died Aug. 7, after apparently contracting a respiratory virus. Amn. Paige Renee Villers of Norton, Ohio, died at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio. A...


Who Needs ISR “The day of the spy-in-the-sky approach to intelligence gathering may be coming to an end, plagued by cost overruns and systems so complex they take too long to perfect and probably, most importantly, are increasingly less useful...

F4U Corsair

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“Aerospace,” According to White

“Air and Space Are Indivisible” Gen. Thomas D. White Statement in Air Force Magazine Arlington, Va. March 1958 FULL TEXT VERSION Are air and space separate military environments? Or are they simply parts of a single “seamless continuum”—the aerospace—in which...

Uniform Respect

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War Budgets and Sacrifice I just finished reading your article about the war budgets [“Editorial: War Budgets, Then and Now,” August, p. 2]. I am not an economist nor do I have all the know-how when it comes to supporting...