May 2008

Vol. 91, No. 5

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Major Commands

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End Strength Bipolarity

(Illustration by W.C. Pope) Does the Air Force want to shrink to an active duty end strength of 316,000 airmen, or does it actually want to expand to 330,000 troops The answer is: Yes. In Feb. 27 testimony before a...

Aerospace World

F-16 Crash Claims Pilot Second Lt. David J. Mitchell, 26, of Amherst, Ohio, died March 14 when the F-16 he was piloting crashed during a training mission in a remote area three miles south of Alamo Lake, Ariz. His body...


Just Some German Dude “Nearly a quarter cannot identify Adolf Hitler, with 10 percent thinking Hitler was a munitions manufacturer.”—Survey of 1,200 high school students by Common Core, a nonprofit educational research organization, Feb. 26. Losing in Afghanistan “Make no...

F/RF-101 Voodoo

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A Question of Influence Robert S. Dudney’s editorial [“Beyond the F-22 Problem,” March, p. 2] and Rebecca Grant’s article [“Why Airmen Don’t Command,” March, p. 46] lament the decline in Air Force political clout which they claim limits command opportunities...

AFA National Report

History Lesson Air Force Senior NCO Academy students met Air Force Association officials twice during the course of seven weeks of instruction at Maxwell AFB, Ala. AFA Chairman of the Board Robert E. “Bob” Largent attended the graduation ceremony for...