March 2011

Vol. 94, No. 3

Victor Alert

For decades, airmen across Europe stood ready to launch their nuclear-armed fighters against Warsaw Pa

Air Force World

Airman Dies in Afghanistan TSgt. Leslie D. Williams, 36, of Juneau, Alaska, died due to a noncombat incident in Afghanistan, Jan. 25, the Defense Department announced. Williams, assigned to the 4th Maintenance Group at Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C., was at...


No Exit “Abu Ghraib and its follow-on effects, including the continued drum-beat of ‘torture’ maintained by partisan critics of the war and the President, became a damaging distraction. More than anything else I have failed to do, … I regret...

Ju 88

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Open Talons

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Word for Word [John T. Correll’s] article “The Real Twelve O’Clock High” was fascinating, informative, and entertaining as only he can write. I’ve read it twice [January, p. 70]. When I retired in 1979, I talked leadership at USAA for...

AFA National Report

Another Success in San Antonio For Air Education and Training Command, the news about their symposium only gets better. Last year, they set an attendance record. This year, they broke it. More than 3,800 people gathered in San Antonio for...