December 2013

Vol. 96, No. 12

Life Flight

The aeromedical evacuation mission started off normally, but Bandage 33’s patient was far from ordinar

The Aerodrome Fraud

Langley’s aircraft broke apart into the Potomac nine days before the Wright brothers’ successful flight. Glenn Curtiss later made sure it flew.


Space Command at rock bottom; No more Space Fence; What will become of North Korea? China waiting in t

Air Force World

Strategic, Global, Mighty Changes Lt. Gen. James M. Kowalski assumed duties as deputy commander of US Strategic Command at Offutt AFB, Neb., in late October. The Senate on Oct. 12 confirmed Kowalski’s nomination for the post. President Obama had announced...


Speaking of Surrealism “We need help in planning for the future. We can adjust to any reality once we have a reality.”—Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, USAF Chief of Staff, Colorado Springs Gazette, Nov. 4. A Vanilla Gorilla “We are...

EA-6B Prowler

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Sum of All Wisdom

“Toward Air and Space Integration” Gen. John P. Jumper, USAF Chief of Staff Air Force Association National Symposium Los Angeles Nov. 16, 2001 FULL TEXT VERSION In late 2001, USAF was riding high. The Afghan war had turned into a...

Going Postal

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A Snub and a War John T. Correll’s brilliant piece of work covers an event that set the course America would follow for decades to come [“The First Domino,” October, p. 54]. Our involvement in Vietnam still affects military planning...

AFA National Report

The Heimlich Hero At AFROTC field training camp in June, a cadet began coughing during dinner in the mess hall at Camp Shelby, Miss. It happened at a time when everyone was supposed to sit at attention, with no talking...