July 2018

Vol. 101, No. 7


Boeing 767-2C freighters, minus specialized military equipment, wait to be converted to KC-46 tankers at the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington. Photo: John Tirpak/Staff KEEPING THE PEGASUS SOLD Everett, Wash.—The Air Force was supposed to have started receiving its first...

From the Daily Report

AFRICOM to Increase ISR Support; Improving F-22, F-35 Trainers; USAF Uses Army Camo Pattern; Certifyin

Forward Deployed

Amn. Austin Collings, a fuels distribution specialist, connects a hose to a fuel hydrant on the flight line at Al Udeid AB, Qatar. Photo: MSgt. Phil Speck/ANG PUTTING DOWN ROOTS As the home to the largest expeditionary air wing in...