JLENS Helps F-15E Take Down Cruise Missile in Test

An F-15E pilot flying over the Utah Test and Training Range used targeting data provided by the JLENS overhead sensor system to fire an air-to-air missile that brought down an anti-ship cruise missile target in a recent test, announced JLENS manufacturer Raytheon. “This test enhances the cruise missile defense umbrella, and when this capability is deployed, it will help save lives,” said Dean Barten, the Army’s JLENS product manager, in the company’s Aug. 7 release. During the July 17 event, JLENS acquired and tracked the cruise missile and transmitted targeting data to the F-15E via Link 16, states the release. This enabled the pilot to launch an AIM-120C7 missile that brought down the cruise missile surrogate. JLENS features an integrated radar system housed on a pair of aerostats to detect, track, and target air threats.