JTAC Airmen Train for Real World Joint Missions

With 110-degree heat drawing torrents of sweat from under their heavy combat gear, three special operations airmen jumped from a hovering UH-60 Blackhawk and raced across a grassy field to recover “downed fliers” and bring them safely to the rescue helicopter. Although the heat and exertion were real, the rescue mission was only a training exercise at Fort Riley, Kan., helping joint terminal attack control airmen from the 10th Air Support Operations Squadron prepare for their real-world missions. “All air support combat personnel attached to an ASOS have to be trained up on particular JTAC skills to ensure they are combat ready,” TSgt. Beau French, 10 ASOS standardization and evaluation chief, said in a release. “Airmen were refreshed on basic land navigation, vehicle navigation off road, sight selection, camouflage techniques [temporary camp] procedures, psychological defense, and field skills.” The 10th ASOS airmen performed as pararescuemen to support Army-led joint training in downed aircrew recovery operations, which involved Army and Air National Guard and Active Air Force personnel.