JTACs Get Training Boost

The Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation in Orlando, Fla., has developed a new broadcast capability for training ranges that allows joint terminal attack controllers to receive combined live, virtual, and constructive information on their remote equipment during training exercises. Exercise Green Flag East 11-1 last month at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, La., marked the first use of this system, which enabled the JTACs to receive the encrypted LVC feeds, for the first time, on their untethered remotely operated video enhanced receivers in the field. This brings more realism to the JTACs’ training. Ron McDaniel, AFAMS project lead, said the agency pursued this capability because JTACs “weren’t getting their tactics, techniques, and procedures training prior to deployment.” He added, “Our connection to the JTAC is the first to provide full battlefield situational awareness.” (Fort Polk report by Noel Getlin)