K-9 Relationship Building

An airman from the 12th Air Force and two Army soldiers trained Uruguayan military members in a variety of K-9 handling skills earlier this month. From August 1 to 12, the US servicemembers taught a number of courses: on-and-off leash obedience, explosive and narcotic detection, patrol and detainment, search and rescue, maritime drug enforcement, Presidential security, and riot control, according to a 12th AF release. The training “will ensure that the Uruguayans have the necessary tools to sustain and enhance their current programs’ capabilities,” said USAF MSgt. Gerson Henriquez, according to the release. The training was also meant to increase the Uruguayan military’s ability to operate with other militaries, and Henriquez said it was “cementing [US Southern Command’s] already established partnership relationships with the Uruguayans,” according to the release.