KC-X is Three-Way Race

Boeing, EADS North America, and the new pairing of US Aerospace-Antonov all said they met the Pentagon’s July 9 deadline for submitting proposals for the Air Force’s KC-X tanker. EADS turned in its bid last Thursday, followed by Boeing on Friday morning, then US Aerospace. The latter said in a release that it is offering to build the 179 KC-X tankers that the Air Force wants at $150 million per unit, and a total bid package of $29.55 billion, including research and development costs. US Aerospace is offering the An-112KC tanker, a new version of Antonov’s An-70 airlifter, according to press reports. Neither of the other two contractors has discussed specific prices. EADS is offering its KC-45 tanker, based on the Airbus A330 commercial airliner. Boeing put forth its 767-based NewGen Tanker.