Klotz calls for New START Ratification

The general overseeing the Air Force’s nuclear forces made an unambiguous appeal for the Senate to approve the New START arms reduction agreement with Russia. “The New START treaty ought to be ratified, and it ought to be ratified as soon as possible,” Lt. Gen. Frank Klotz, Air Force Global Strike Command boss, told reporters in Washington, D.C., Tuesday. Klotz said “it is critically important” that the United States and Russia—the world’s two largest nuclear powers—”have a continuous dialogue on issues related to nuclear weapons and nuclear policy.” New START provides avenues for such exchange via its inspection and verification regimes. That dialogue, “enhances understanding, helps reduce suspicion, [and] can contribute to mutual improvements” in nuclear security, safety, and command and control, Klotz said. Since the original START’s expiration last December, there’s been no such exchange, he noted. (See also Bomber Inspections “More Intrusive” Under New START.)