Langley Group Adds New Units

The 735th Supply Chain Management Group at JB Langley, Va., has activated three new squadrons to help it in supporting the Air Force’s combat aircraft. The new units are the: 438th Supply Chain Operations Squadron, 439th SCOS, and 440th SCOS. The 438th SCOS comprises more than 190 active duty, Air National Guard, and civilian personnel. The 439th SCOS is made up of more than 200 active duty, Air Guard, and civilian personnel. The 440th SCOS includes more than 195 active duty and civilian personnel. The squadrons’ activation ceremony took place on July 1. Langley spokesman David Hopper told the Daily Report Monday that the group’s goal is to eventually support all combat aircraft throughout the Air Force. (Air Force photo caption by SrA. Gul Crockett)