Last-built C-5B Gets a Facelift

The last C-5B produced for the Air Force is getting an overhaul. Lockheed Martin inducted the aircraft, tail number 0045, on Sept. 29 into its assembly line in Marietta, Ga., for conversion to the C-5M Super Galaxy standard. The upgrades that it will receive include new General Electric engines and a host of reliability enhancements. Already, the aircraft has new avionics from a separate project. This legacy bird, which calls Dover AFB, Del., home, has supported Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and has delivered cargo across the globe. It has nearly 18,000 flight hours and more than 4,200 full-stop landings, according to the company. The Air Force intends to upgrade a total of 52 C-5s (one C-5A, 49 C-5Bs, and 2 C-5Cs) to the Super Galaxy configuration. This C-5B is the 12th of the 52 overall to undergo the conversion. (Lockheed release)