Leadership Shakeup at Lockheed Martin

David Petraeus, the now former CIA director, wasn’t the only executive in the national security/defense realm to fall from power last week due to sexual indiscretion. Indeed, Christopher Kubasik, slated to become Lockheed Martin’s CEO in January, resigned on Nov. 9, effective immediately, after an ethics investigation confirmed that he had a close personal relationship with a subordinate employee,” announced the company that same day. His conduct “violated the company’s code of ethics and business conduct,” states Lockheed Martin’s release. In April, the company’s board announced its selection of Kubasik to succeed Robert Stevens as CEO. With Kubasik’s departure, the board elected Marillyn Hewson to be the company’s next CEO and president, effective on Jan. 1. Currently executive vice president of the company’s Electronic Systems business area, Hewson was slated to replace Kubasik as president and chief operating officer once he became CEO.