Leaner Langley

The 633rd Air Base Wing overseeing JB Langley-Eustis, Va., reorganized its joint service logistics and services units to enhance efficiency and free-up funding to reinvest locally, officials announced. “Our goal was to get more from the same and roll it back into our installation,” said Jerrold Twigg, head of the 633rd ABW joint base integration office, in a release. “We can reallocate these resources into areas that provide services to our mission partners and community,” he added. The realignment effects two squadrons. Langley’s 633rd Force Support Squadron merged with the Army’s force support division at Fort Eustis, assuming responsibility for the installations’ postal and communications services on Nov. 2. Likewise, the 633rd Logistics Readiness Squadron redesignated as the 733rd LRS, and will now bring Fort Eustis’ port facility and emergency services under its’ unified control. “We wanted to take the best from the Air Force at Langley and the Army at Fort Eustis and bring all of JBLE’s capabilities to bear,” Twigg said. The 633rd ABW is responsible for the installations, while the 1st Fighter Wing controls Langley’s resident flying missions.