Let the Sun Shine

The Air Force began operations on June 25 of a new collection of solar-energy panels at Hill AFB, Utah, that holds the promise of delivering about 220 kilowatts of energy annually—or one percent of the base’s needs—directly into the base’s power grid. That is considered enough to power around 25 homes each year, the Standard-Examiner reported June 26. The Deseret News reported June 25 that this is Hill’s first solar project. The 1,400-panel farm of arrays, located on the west side of the base, is a cooperative effort between the Air Force, Energy Department, and contractor Ameresco Federal Solutions. Hill officials said the base will eventually recoup the entire cost of the project through a deal with Rocky Mountain Power, which awards Hill energy credits for every kilowatt it produces from renewable energy projects. There is the desire to grow the solar farm so that can produce more than one megawatt of energy annually, the newspapers reported.