Lewis-McChord Hosts Aeromedical Evacuation Conference

The first-ever US-led international symposium on in-flight medical care begins Wednesday at JB Lewis-McChord, Wash., for hundreds of aeromedical evacuation professionals from nearly 30 nations. The two-day International Aeromedical Evacuation/En Route Care Conference features speakers from various countries sharing their stories, advice, and lessons learned with fellow doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical specialists. “[W]e wanted an all-encompassing get-together for anyone who provides any level of medical care in an aerial transportation role,” said Col. Beverly Johnson, chief of aeromedevac in Air Mobility Command’s surgeon general’s office. “If we’re all aware of we can each do, it’s easier to come together and work quickly, effectively, and seamlessly in a contingency situation.” AMC Commander Gen. Raymond Johns is the keynote speaker. Among the attendees are military personnel from Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan, Jordan, New Zealand, and South Korea. (Lewis-McChord report by SSgt. J.G. Buzanowski)