Libya Offer on the Table

Warsaw, Poland No decisions regarding the situation in Libya emerged from the NATO summit in Warsaw. A senior alliance official, answering questions from the press, said NATO is on record having “offered Libya defense capacity building,” meaning advice on how to structure a military that answers to civilian authority. “NATO is offering advice and technical support,” and “they’re exploring” the offer, he said, adding “we’re not offering military aid.” The situation is “hopeful” that a single government is emerging in Libya that will have “a well-functioning security apparatus,” he said. “Our offer stands. They’re considering it. And there will be no decisions here.” NATO intervened militarily in Libya in 2011, helping anti-regime forces oust Muammar Gaddaffi from power. Libya is no longer seen as a state-sponsor of terrorism, but the large country is not secure, and ISIS has made inroads in some of of its ungoverned regions. (See also: Arming Libya.)