Lockheed Receives Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Contract

DARPA awarded Lockheed Martin a $71 million contract to conduct air- and surface-launched flight tests and other risk reduction activities for the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile, announced the company. Under the terms of this deal, Lockheed Martin will conduct an additional air-launched LRASM flight test from a B-1B bomber in 2013 as well as two surface-launched flight tests of the missile in 2014, according to the company’s March 5 release. Already, under a LRASM phase 2 contract awarded in 2010, the company is set to carry out two air-launched flight tests in 2013, states the release. Under the new contract, the company will also perform electromagnetic compatibility testing of the missile and follow-on captive-carry sensor suite testing. LRASM is based on the company’s JASSM-ER cruise missile. (See also AirSea Battle Weapon)