Make Governance a Routine

Make Governance a Routine: The Secretary of Defense should establish a set rhythm to his oversight that makes use of “some unchangeable elements of the American political landscape,” such as quadrennial defense reviews, the Center of Strategic and International Studies writes in the fourth and final report of its Beyond Goldwater-Nichols project issued March 20. For example, the SECDEF should use the QDR to “create and articulate his four-year defense agenda,” while ensuring that it “creates more value” than it costs in time and manpower to produce for Congress, the report reads. The report also recommends that the SECDEF creates the position of director for strategy, execution, and assessment within his office to replace the current director of program analysis and evaluation. Among the responsibilities of the new position would be to administer the QDR, draft the Secretary’s overarching guidance and develop independent civilian expertise in capability portfolio assessment. The report also calls for empowering the commander of Joint Forces Command to be the advocate for the future joint force, including his inclusion as a statutory member of the joint requirements oversight council. It also advocates strengthening the role of DOD’s technology experts, including the director of defense research and engineering, in building the future force.