Military Health System Review Defined

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel signed off on the terms of reference for the 90-day, comprehensive review of the military health system that he ordered in late May, said Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby. The review’s final recommendations are due to Hagel by Aug 29, said Kirby in a June 10 press briefing. The review’s purpose is to “assess prior recommendations and findings from relevant internal and external reports” and ascertain whether MHS standards comply with existing policies and national standards, he said. The review will study education and training of healthcare professionals and staff. “It will compare the military health system performance to at least three civilian healthcare systems where standards are relevant and comparable,” said Kirby. “And we’re going to hear first-hand from patients and beneficiaries about their experiences and perceptions regarding the access, quality, and safety standards that we employ,” he said. (Kirby transcript.)