Mini Bomb Completes Captive-Carry Tests

Raytheon announced Wednesday that it has completed captive-carry tests of the newest configuration of its Small Tactical Munition, the tiniest air-launched weapon in its portfolio. This paves the way for flight tests, according to the company. STM phase II weighs 12 pounds, is 22 inches long, and has both GPS and semi-active laser guidance. The mini bomb is specifically designed for employment from remotely piloted aircraft and manned counterinsurgency platforms. “STM is a mature, precise, and affordable weapon and gives the warfighter flexibility to engage moving and static targets with minimal collateral damage,” said Bob Francois, Raytheon’s Advanced Missiles and Unmanned Systems vice president. STM phase II is more than two inches shorter than the phase I variant and has foldable fins and wings, enabling its employment from the US military’s common launch tube, according to the company.