Minot Maintainers Take the Wheel

Top maintainers in the 5th Bomb Wing at Minot AFB, N.D., have the chance to pilot the aircraft they work so hard to upkeep, the B-52H, in a flight simulator thanks to a new program. “There is no formal training involved. It is considered an incentive for our top performers,” said MSgt. Shaun Mendelsohn, a section chief in the 5th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, in a Sept. 27 Minot release. Since the program began on Aug. 24, 10 maintainers have flown simulated approaches and landings at Minot, as well as simulated night flights over the Las Vegas strip, with a Minot B-52 pilot at their sides, states the release. “It’s one-on-one with the pilot coaching the maintainer through the flight,” said Mendelsohn. He noted that this program is helping to break down barriers between Minot’s operations and maintenance communities. “It gets us talking and working together,” he said. “We can take those positive experiences and attitudes and translate them to the flightline.” (Minot report by SrA. Jessica McConnell)