Minot Missile Sites Fit and Ready

Missileers successfully launched six simulated Minuteman III ICBMs recently from Minot AFB, N.D., proving 91st Missile Wing launch-control readiness, announced base officials. This Simulated Electronic Launch-Minuteman event, dubbed Giant Pace 12-1M, was one in the series of live annual tests conducted at each of the service’s three missile wings to validate launch-sequence equipment as well as airborne- and ground-launch-control interfaces. “This test reinforces our confidence in the continued operation of the Minuteman force well into the future,” said Col. Stephen Davis, 91st MW commander. “The Minuteman III continues to be an impressive system and has once again proven its enduring reliability, capability, and performance,” he added. Wing officials electronically isolated six launch sites and two control centers for the test. The wing’s 144 other ICBMs remained on active alert during the SELM, according to Minot’s April 23 release. Paired with Minuteman live shots from Vandenberg AFB, Calif., SELMs are meant to validate every component of launch chain. (Minot report by Maj. Shane Balken)