Missile Warning Encore

The Air Force approved full-up production of the NexGen infrared missile warning system to protect its combat-delivery airlifters and special-mission C-130s, announced manufacturer Northrop Grumman on May 14. The new missile-detection system is an add-on to the company’s Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures system that is already resident on Air Force platforms like C-5s, C-17s, and C-130s. NexGen will “significantly increase” an aircraft’s ability “to counter the man-portable air defense threat,” said Col. Shawn Shanley, LAIRCM acquisition leader. “This latest milestone decision will ensure the Air Force has the most advanced missile-warning system with longer detection range and reduced false alarms,” added Carl Smith, Northrop Grumman IR countermeasures vice president. The Air Force selected the company to supply the NexGen MWS in January 2009.