Moseley’s Last Day

Gen. Michael Moseley, Chief of Staff, last week asked Defense Secretary Robert Gates to make his retirement (i.e, forced resignation) effective on Aug. 1. But in the same June 5 letter, Moseley states that he intends to request terminal leave before his departure. What isn’t clear is when exactly his last day will be. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has already recommended Gen. Norton Schwartz to replace Moseley. But Schwartz still needs to be formally nominated by the White House and then approved by the Senate. Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne, who resigned on the same day as Moseley, is expected to have his successor in place sooner than later. Gates asked President Bush to make Wynne’s would-be replacement, Michael Donley, the Acting Secretary, effective June 21. That way he could assume the post for the interim prior to Senate approval. June 21 is a Saturday and two days after the Government Accountability Office is expected to rule on Boeing’s protest of USAF’s KC-X tanker decision.