New Intelligence Instructor Course at Nellis

Air Combat Command officials approved the syllabus of a newly revamped Intelligence Weapons Instructor Course (IWIC) at the Air Force’s Weapons School at Nellis AFB, Nev., Weapons School officials told Air Force Magazine. Lt. Col. Abraham Jackson, commander of the 19th Weapons Squadron, said the new course consists of 415.5 academic hours and the syllabus covers 15 missions that takes place over 102 days at Nellis and several other locations. The new course aligns two former WIC courses—the intelligence sensor course and intelligence course—into one, said Jackson. The new IWIC is undergoing validation by the current Weapons School class, 14B, with the first official class of 12 students set to start in February 2015. The realignment is an effort to streamline content to meet USAF’s new intelligence strategic vision, published last year by the Air Staff’s intelligence directorate. The course emphasizes new training and concepts to better prepare graduates to operate in contested and degraded environments, using ISR gleaned from the air, sea, land, and cyber domains. Graduates will get training in tactical to national level sources and methods, Jackson noted, to develop a better understanding of adversary intentions and capabilities. The new course also incorporates a new phase dedicated to mission planning and ISR operations, where students learn to leverage ISR from several different mission sets.