New Name for Afghan Air Training Mission

The Combined Air Power Transition Force that has been training the fledgling Afghan air force since 2007 has been renamed the NATO Air Training Command (NATC-A). The new title recognizes the increasing involvement of partner countries in these activities. Britain, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary have helped the US develop the Afghan air arm over the past several years, and the number of nations stepping up to participate is increasing. That list includes Canada, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, and Ukraine. “While we’re all interoperable, we each have a slightly different way of operating and different levels of experience,” said Lt. Col. Wayne McCaskill, director of operations for the 438th Air Expeditionary Wing that oversees NATC-A. He added, “This provides the Afghan air force with the best opportunity to find a method that is right for them.” (Kabul report by MC2 David Quillen) (See also Impressive Operation from the Daily Report archive.)