New Website Supports Cross-Cultural Competence

The Air Force Culture and Language Center, part of Air University’s Spaatz Center at Maxwell AFB, Ala., recently launched a new public website that provides information on the service’s efforts to increase cross-cultural competence. “The site is an incredible resource to help our military and civilian personnel become more cross-culturally competent,” said Barbara Barger, the Air Force’s senior language authority. She added, “Through the training and education offered by the AFCLC, we can ensure our people are able to negotiate culturally complex environments and accomplish their mission, any time, any place.” The site highlights all AFCLC departments and programs, including free courses that provide Community College of the Air Force credit for airmen and other cross-cultural competence media resources. It also provides links to external culture, language, and negotiation learning websites, such as the Defense Language Institute’s Foreign Language Center. (Maxwell release)