No Apologies for Installation Quality

“We as an Air Force should not apologize to anybody for providing a high-quality of services … at our installations,” said Lt. Gen. Richard Newton III, deputy chief of staff for personnel. Speaking Sept. 15 at AFA’s Air & Space Conference, Newton said today’s airmen are often dealing with brutal deployment schedules, and there is historical precedent for USAF’s tradition of taking care of its airmen. During World War II, Eighth Air Force bomber crews flying against targets such as Schweinfurt and Dresden in 1943 had nearly 50-50 casualty rates, Newton said. “So our leaders came out of that experience” with the perspective that “we are damn well going to take care of our people. … And that hasn’t changed.” Newton said he has had “three joint tours” and friends from the other services sometimes jokingly comment about the amenities at Air Force facilities, “but guess who wants to come to those facilities,” Newton said, “so let’s take deep pride in this.”