No, My Turn in the Herk!

The Air Force’s aeromedical evacuation schoolhouse procured a second C-130 fuselage section to accommodate training the current volume of students at Pope Field, N.C. Operating with only one decommissioned C-130 meant that students have had to rotate through the aircraft, sometimes inefficiently, and endure training days up to 12 hours, explained TSgt. Gary Taiclet, aeromedical formal training unit evacuation examiner. “With this new aircraft, we’ll be able to have more accommodating schedules, which will make days shorter for both students and cadre,” he stated in Pope’s June 2 release. Minus wings and tail, Pope’s first C-130 trainer is fully functional inside, capable of replicating the airborne environment down to the noise, vibration, and movement of the aircraft, according to the release. The school will similarly modify its second Hercules fuselage, which arrived from Robins AFB, Ga., last month, states the release. (Pope report by MSgt. Steve Staedler)