Non-Total Recall

The Defense Department civilians who were called back to work on Oct. 7 fall into one of two categories: they directly support service members and their families on an ongoing basis, or they contribute to sustaining force readiness capabilities, according to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. In the memorandum outlining his guidance for implementing their return, Hagel said they work in areas including: health care, weapon system maintenance, commissary, finance, supply-chain management, information technology, acquisition program oversight and management, and depot-level repair and maintenance. Despite the Pentagon’s best efforts to bring back as many of its civilians as possible, some remain furloughed. They include those involved with: chief information officer functions, auditor functions, legislative affairs, and work done in support of non-DOD activities and agencies, except for the Coast Guard. “I fervently hope that the time will be short until I can recall all employees of the Department of Defense back to the vital work that they do helping to defend this nation and secure our future,” wrote Hagel. “I will continue to explore all possibilities to this end,” he said. (See also HASC Chairman McKeon’s statement.)