Norman Cadets on The Move

Members of Air Force ROTC Det. 675 at the University of Oklahoma in Norman are relocating to another location on campus since the unit’s current home is set for demolition, reported The Oklahoman. The detachment’s nearly 80 students have been using an historic two-story structure known as Craddock Hall, a former World War II barrack that was moved on campus in 1947, according to the April 12 report. The hall has provided the detachment with offices, training and classroom space, and a student lounge. “We have been instructed to leave this facility no later than July 15 of this summer and that we will move to a new location that is called Cate IV,” said Maj. Brendan Devine, the detachment’s commandant of cadets. Cate IV is a student dormitory; the detachment will occupy its fourth floor, but will have less space than they had at Craddock Hall, states the report. “What our long-term arrangement is I’m not so sure, and I’m unsure the university knows either,” said Devine. “It is unlikely that we will have a new facility built for us,” he said.