Norwegian F-16 Pilots Expand Night Training in US

Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16 pilots will begin training this year with night vision goggles at the Air National Guard’s 162nd Wing at Tucson International Airport in Arizona, according to a wing release. Norwegian pilots have trained with the 162nd Wing for 18 years, but now will upgrade their nighttime operations training. Until now, only US and Dutch student pilots at the 162nd Wing trained with NVGs during initial training, said Maj. Erik Brettingen, flight commander for the Norwegian detachment. The new curriculum also will include instruction with mounted systems and more night training. Norway, which is sustaining its older F-16 fleet as it begins transitioning to the F-35, is now receiving the same essential training as US F-16 pilots, enabling them to operate more effectively and build better coalition combat air power, said Lt. Col Brant Putnam, commander of the 152nd Fighter Squadron and primary host for the RNoAF contingent.