No Similar Reports

No Similar Reports: Air Combat Command chief Gen. John Corley said USAF F-16s have “not experienced” formaldehyde fumes seeping into their cockpits as the Israelis say has occurred with their two-seat F-16Is. “I am digging at that one, but that one hasn’t popped up for us,” the general told the Daily Report after a meeting with defense reporters March 27 in Washington, D.C. Israel suspended training flights with its F-16Is after its pilots complained of strong smells in their cockpits, reportedly from formaldehyde, according to Israeli press reports. The Israeli concern is that the fumes could cause cancer. The Israeli aircraft are newer than their American counterparts. Airplane maker Lockheed Martin said the Israeli Air Force has requested support from the company and US government in investigating the claims. “We are providing this support,” said company spokesman Joe Stout. “We have not had similar reports by other F-16 users.”