Not Good Enough

House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is seeking to organize a bipartisan coalition that will back a bill aimed at clearly defining congressional expectations for any final nuclear deal with Iran, reported the National Journal. Under the interim deal reached last month, the US, Germany, and other UN Security Council permanent members agreed not to impose any new sanctions on Iran for six months. In return, Iran agreed to freeze part of its uranium-enrichment programs during the same time period. Immediately after the deal was reached congressional members on both sides of the aisle argued it didn’t go far enough. Cantor spokesman Rory Cooper confirmed his office is pursuing legislation, although he declined to offer any specifics at this time, according to the report. “The leader does not believe the interim agreement with Iran was in our nation’s best interests, and he will work with fellow members, Republican and Democrat, to determine that any final deal definitively addresses congressional concerns,” Cooper told the National Journal.