Nuclear Weapons Center Reorganizes

The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center reorganized on March 30 and is now broken into three execution directorates, including the existing ICBM Systems, and the newly formed Nuclear Technology and Interagency?, and the Air Delivered Capabilities, according to a March 31 release. “Our mission is still to deliver nuclear capabilities and winning solutions that warfighters use daily to deter our enemies and assure our allies,” said Maj.Gen. Sandra Finan, AFNWC commander. “Implementation of this [reorganization] will better align our organization to that mission.” The new technology directorate will focus on the “unique aspects of nuclear weapons technology and engagement with interagency partners in the nation’s nuclear enterprise,” states the release. Both the ICBM and Air Delivered Capabilities directorates directly relate to the Air Force’s two legs of the nuclear triad. The ICBM Systems Directorate includes the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, Minuteman III, engineering, operations management, program control, and product support divisions. The Air Delivered Capabilities Directorate includes, engineering, strategic systems, nuclear weapons systems integration, outside continental United States support, nuclear weapons acquisition, and a cruise missile sustainment division.