Officers May be Eligible for Early Retirement

The Air Force will convene an enhanced selective early retirement board at JBSA-Randolph, Tex., on June 16 as part of its ongoing force shaping efforts. The board, a new authority granted in the Fiscal 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, will consider certain Active Duty officers for early retirement, according to a Jan. 7 Air Force Personnel Center release. Those eligible for the board include Active Duty biomedical sciences corps and medical services corps lieutenant colonels who once have been passed over for promotion to the next higher grade as well as Active Duty, retirement-eligible line of the Air Force judge advocate, chaplain, nurse corps, BSC, and MSC majors, states the release. Eligible officers who do not wish to go before the board can apply for voluntary retirement Jan. 14-May 16. They may also take advantage of other force shaping measures, such as the limited Active Duty service commitment waiver. However, AFPC officials cautioned that those officers may be required to repay the Air Force certain funds, such as 9/11 GI Bill benefits that were transferred to a family member, states the release. “The board will be conducted using the Electronic Board Operations Support System, so we recommend that you review your records for accuracy and update information well before the board convenes,” said Lt. Col. Rick Garcia, AFPC retirements and separations branch chief.