Officials Urge Partnerships, Stability at Dubai Airshow

Air Force senior leaders emphasized the importance of global partnerships and regional stability at the 2013 Dubai Air Show this week in the United Arab Emirates, which they attended along with 35 other air chiefs from across the globe. “We don’t need to spend billions on conflicts if we can avoid them altogether,” said Heidi Grant, deputy undersecretary of the Air Force for international affairs, in a Nov. 19 release. “Stability here ensures global stability and freedom of navigation for commerce. We all can agree that we need stability for our next generation,” she added. The event “is recognized as the premier aviation and air industry event in the region” and “it has been a quality event from sunup to sundown,” noted Grant. It’s not just about the aircraft, she said. “It’s about showcasing our people and their training; this is what makes us strong.” Lt. Gen. John Hesterman, commander of Air Forces Central Command, also attended the biennial event, which took place Nov. 17-21. (See also AFCENT Supporting Dubai Air Show)