Off to Solid Start

The Air Force’s active duty component met its enlisted recruiting goal through October, the first month of the new fiscal year, by attracting 1,399 new recruits, according to the Pentagon’s newest recruiting numbers. So did the Air Force Reserve, matching its target of 614 accessions, these data show. The Air National Guard, however, fell short of its target for Fiscal 2012 thus far, attracting only 484 new recruits, or 76 percent of the 639 whom it wanted. “A major factor” in missing that goal was the delay in the release of the Air Guard’s Fiscal 2012 recruiting and retention initiatives and its incentive program operational guidance, Lt. Col. Marie Wauters, ANG recruiting and retention chief, told the Daily Report. Those documents are now out, as are the Air Guard’s national recruiting goals, she said. Plus, the Air Guard in late October launched its referral rewards program that rewards Guardsmen for referrals that result in an enlistment, added Wauters. “Given these efforts, the ANG is optimistic that we will meet our enlisted recruiting goal for Fiscal 2012,” she said. “The ANG recruiters and retainers continue to make outstanding progress.” These new recruiting numbers build upon the Air Force’s strong recruiting year in Fiscal 2011.