One Star, Not Two

Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, special assistant to the commander of Air Force Space Command, will retire from the Air Force as a one-star general, effective June 1, service spokesman Maj. Eric Badger told the Daily Report on Monday. Carey’s last duty day was April 11, said Badger. Air Force Global Strike Command leadership relieved Carey of command of 20th Air Force in October 2013 after a service investigation determined he engaged in conduct unbecoming an officer during an official visit to Russia in July 2013. The numbered air force oversees the nation’s ICBM force. Carey, whom the Air Force leadership subsequently reassigned to AFSPC, spent less than three years as a major general before requesting his retirement. Air Force Secretary Deborah James granted his request, said Badger. Air Force rules (see section 3.4, p. 33) stipulate that a general officer spending less than three years in a grade retire at the next lower grade. Carey spent 36 years in uniform.