Our Survey Says

Le Bourget, France—A recent Aerospace Industries Association survey—done with interviews and focus groups—suggests that the American people believe that a strong defense is necessary and should command proper funding even in a time of severe fiscal constraints, AIA president Marion Blakey said in an interview here. Speaking with the Daily Report at last week’s Paris Air Show, Blakey said, “the electorate . . . recognizes it’s a dangerous world” and doesn’t need convincing that “the threat is real, and we can’t be complacent. We can’t drop our guard.” While those surveyed also “are very concerned about debt and the deficit,” they don’t believe that investment in defense and deficit reduction “need to be pitted against each other.” On the other hand, she acknowledged that while the public is “supportive of NASA,” it is “more divided” over the need to spend significantly on space exploration and research.