Pacific Partnerships

The rebalance to the Pacific can be measured in partnerships, Pacific Air Forces Commander Gen. Lori Robinson said in an interview with Air Force Magazine at AWS16. “Sometimes people measure it in stuff,” Robinson said. “I don’t measure it in stuff. I measure it in … how our partnerships have grown throughout the region.” Robinson said the US presence “enables partnerships,” which in turn “allow peace and stability in the region.” PACAF has sent Raptors from Alaska to Yokota AB, Japan, and then to Okinawa for a training exercise, in addition to sending two Raptors to Singapore for the country’s air show. The command also has had a continuous bomber presence in Guam, sent bombers from Guam to Australia for a training exercise with the Aussies, and just completed Exercise Cope North. “The engagements we have had over time with the different countries has been phenomenal,” she said.