Pacific Partnerships

Sixteen Asia-Pacific nations and non-governmental organizations came together last month during the seventh annual Pacific Endeavor humanitarian workshop at the Changi Naval Base in Singapore. As part of this 11-day event, more than 250 communication experts practiced how they would respond to a simulated earthquake in the Philippines. Participants also looked at how social networking sites could be used in relief efforts. “If we can’t communicate, we can’t operate,” said Brig. Gen. Brett Williams, director of US Pacific Command’s command, control, communications, and computer systems office. For the first time at Pacific Endeavor, members of non-governmental and humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations and Salvation Army played a key role. “We are so fortunate to have the non-governmental organizations with us this year. This provides a terrific laboratory to refine our skills,” said Williams. (Changi report by Lt. Theresa Donnelly) (See also this Donnelly report as well as this report.)