A failing water main has caused a water shortage at JB Andrews, Md., and the surrounding Maryland county. Fixing the 54-inch-diameter concrete main is expected to take several days and has required local authorities to curtail the county’s water supply. “During this time, we will have reduced water pressure on the west side of the base and the areas where our housing and many of our people work,” said Andrews’ Commander Col. Bill Knight in a release. As a result, Andrews shifted to mission-essential-only operations starting on the evening of July 16 local time. The base will “remain mission-essential for as long as [it is] without water,” base spokesman SSgt. Kristopher Levasseur told the Daily Report on Wednesday. The water shortage hit the base as the Washington, D.C., area is in the midst of a stifling heat wave with temperatures in the mid 90s so far this week. (Andrews report by SrA. Lindsey A. Porter)