Partners in Security

Air Force security forces personnel partnered with Afghan air force counterparts for the first joint flight line security patrol at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. “The patrol was very successful,” said MSgt. Terry Gilbert, senior enlisted security forces adviser with Kandahar’s 738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group. He added, “We are truly privileged here at Kandahar to work with a highly motivated and professional Afghan air force security forces unit. They were very excited for this opportunity and were encouraged to feel like they are crucial part of securing one of the busiest air strips in the world.” For the Dec. 3 patrol, a two-person Afghan security forces team joined a two-person USAF team. This mission was the initial orientation patrol for the Afghans to help them acquire a feel for a fully operational airfield and basic concepts of flight line security. (Kandahar report by TSgt. Jeremy Larlee)