Past the Halfway Point

The pullout of US military equipment from Iraq is nearly 60 percent complete, according to Maj. John Rozsnyai, head of US Transportation Command’s joint planning team for the withdrawal. So far, US military aircraft, trucks, and ships, along with commercial air and sea carriers, have removed 1.7 million pieces of military equipment, he said. The pullout began last September after formal US combat operations ceased in Iraq; the deadline for completion is the end of the year, unless the Iraqi government requests that some US forces remain for longer. Rozsnyai said plans for pulling out the remaining US troops and one million pieces of military equipment are “tracking well.” The bulk of equipment is returning to the United States. Other gear is transferring to US forces in Afghanistan. The United States also is giving some equipment to the Iraqis. (AFPS report by Terri Moon Cronk)