Pentagon Makes Energy Priority

The Pentagon released its first operational energy strategy, which is intended to transform the way the US military consumes energy on the battlefield. This report, mandated by Congress, outlines three main goals. The first is to “reduce the demand for energy in military operations” and provide “better range and better endurance” for deployed forces, said Sharon Burke, the Pentagon’s operational energy chief, during a press briefing Tuesday. The second goal is to diversify DOD’s energy options, such as developing alternative fuels for legacy platforms, she said. The third goal is to achieve more capability for less cost by breaking the trend that more capable also means requiring more energy, she said. “The department will incorporate operational energy security into all stages of strategic planning and force development, from campaign planning to requirements, to acquisitions,” said Burke. The Pentagon intends to release an implementation plan within the next three months with more specific objectives and timelines. (Lynn-Burke transcript) (Energy strategy full document; caution, large-sized file.)